S.wear Ltd is a privately owned company operating since 1992.
 Our stores target the entire market, offering collections for women, men, and kids.
 We have more than 60 stores, spread throughout Israel.
 We believe that providing high-quality products is the foundation for our success.

Product Quality
At S.wear, we believe in uncompromising quality, using the in-house method. We design all our products within the company, and sell them through our company-owned retail chain and from our website.
We take special care when selecting the sewing workshops that make our clothes. We believe they are strategic partners for our success. About 90% of these sewing workshops work exclusively for us. This is how we control manufacturing and preserve the high quality we wish to deliver to our customers.

Our quality assurance department inspects the finished products according to the most rigorous standards. If we find even the slightest flaw in an item, we remove it from stock to preserve our quality standards.

The Company's Vision
Our company's vision is to lead the Israeli casual clothing industry with high quality and fashionable sportswear. We use an uncompromising approach that stresses product quality and customer service for the benefit of our customers and employees.

General Background
S.wear Ltd. is a privately owned company operating since 1992 owned by Mr. Nissim Haham.
Mr. Dror Lev is the C.E.O of the company.  
The company introduces 2 leading brands in Israel:

S.wear Casual Sportive Clothes –
This brand comprises about 90% of our products.
S.wear is the exclusive Israeli importer of the well-known Hanes product line.
Our stores target the entire market, offering collections for women, men, and kids.
We have more than 60 stores, spread throughout Israel.
We believe that providing service from the heart, high-quality products, and a rich and colorful product line are the foundations for our success.

Recommended Laundry Instructions
We produce our products using the most advanced technology and the finest fabrics.
We want your clothes to look their best, and stay that way over time.

Please find our recommended Laundry Instructions, as they appear on the products' labels.
•     (MACHINE WASH- 30c MAX)
•     (DRY WASH)

•    We recommend turning the product inside out before washing.
•    We also recommend washing dark colors separately from light ones.
•    Follow the manufacturer's instructions when using washing powder or liquid. Do not use more than the recommended quantity.
•    When laundering by hand, mix and dissolve a small quantity of the washing powder or liquid in water before adding the items.
•    Dry the items inside out and in the shade. This will help preserve the color.
•    Deodorant – please use transparent deodorants that do not stain.